Blog Post 2 – Population & Sustainability


From what we know, Humans have been the most thriving and successful species the planet Earth has ever experienced. Our planet supports millions of different spices, but we are testing its captivity alone. According to Esteban Ortiz-Ospina and Max Roser in “World Population Growth”, The U.N estimates that there are about 7 billion people living on our planet. Ortiz-Ospina & Roser also mention that, 200 years ago there were less then 1 billion. That’s a major gap, most likely the largest gap in population growth ever on our planet. It’s debatable wither or not we are the most intelligent species on the planet, but there are some obvious factors that differ us from the rest. We have the ability to communicate unlike the rest, we walk on 2 legs, we have built huge cities, used natural resources to our advantage to generate power, we grow our own food and raise our own live stock. It only makes sense that we thrive so well, we can live just about anywhere! We live in our temperature controlled homes, drive cars to grocery stores and have access to amazing medical care.

The problem is, every human needs to eat, they need resources from the planet just to survive. Most of us don’t even think about it, and consume far too much. The scary part is, we don’t know what’s the limit. What is the limit of people able to exist on our planet, before we start to run out of basic recourses essential to survival; well no one really knows. Some fear, if we don’t start trying to come up with solutions, future generations won’t be able to stop the enviable.

The Worlds Population problem

Solutions like educating women in third world countries, who don’t have birth control. Also I think we need to empower women in many places of the world, where they don’t even get a say on who they get to have sex with. Most people in more developed countries are actually having a lot less kids then past generations. This allows us to put more effort and recourses in raising our children. Also in the olden days, children were viewed as an extra hand to help make a living; but these days’ majority of parents support their children until they move out. That being said, our advances in technology allows us to live much longer and healthier than our past generations. Another major problem is more times than less, there is never one rout problem. Chances are there is a numerous amounts of issues, then just one bold issue. What I mean by this is there, are some many issues with our planet. We are the worst issue; we are like a cancer that plagues this planet. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a real solution, other than change the way we live completely. That’s not even realistic either, so I guess maybe the only real solution for this planet to get healthy again. Sadly, is if we go. Without humans I think the planet and majority of the species would thrive and be thankful we are gone.


No sources were used for this post.


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