Blog Post 3 – Food


Like The Roman Empire corruption and greed, will evidently be the destruction to life as we know it. Only this time false hope of a prosperous after life, from a book re-written to serve the needs of religious leaders and hard work, will not save us. Global warming, over population, dirty energy consumption and Genetically modified food, poverty, limited access to water and war are just some of the underlined problems, my generation & future generations are left to deal with; while the individuals who are the root of the some of these issues get richer. The worst part is we can’t escape it, its everywhere….


The general public (unless educated on the topic), barley understand what GMO’s are, and the impact on our species health, and the planet we inhabit. Not to mention the other species, that got stuck living on the same rock orbiting the sun, as the cancer known as Man.  G M O stands for, Genetically Modified Organism. What does this mean you ask? Well, its exactly what it sounds like, It’s an organism that has been created by a scientist, by taking some of the DNA from a different organism, to create a unique organism. These Organisms unfortunately are made to suit the needs of the corporations creating them, not the needs of the people who consume them. Anyone who bothers trying to question wither or not these, genetically modified foods are healthy for us or the planet, are just ladled as conspiracy theorists. Even though there is no research that actually proves, these genetically modified foods are at all better, then the lousy not as profitable foods our ancestors have wasted their time growing, and raising for thousands of years before. How foolish. In fact, these man made modified organisms have many cons to one’s health and well-being. As well as environmental risks, and economic concerns.


GMO’s have a direct relationship to things like Autism, Birth defects, and many forms of Cancer. Many of GMO’s negative aspects come from the beginning of the process. Crops are first sprayed with a compound called Glyphosate before they are fully grown and modified in the lab. Glyphosate is a herbicide, not a typical spray that kills insects on crops; but a herbicide that is used to kill competing grass, broadleaf and weeds that are near and threatening the Genetically Engineered crop. The compound also is used to speed up plant growth and ripen fruit when its used in its sodium form. Almost all of genetically engineered foods are used in correlation with Glyphosate as a spray, which is very concerning as in 2013 the Environmental Protection Agency increased the allowable limits of Glyphosate in food. While being an herbicide, Glyphosate is also a “mineral chelator” as well as a carcinogen. This means that when sprayed on crops, it immobilizes the nutrients and vitamins of the root plant. Making them not available for your body to consume. Although this is a not a major threat to someone who generally stays away from GMO foods and only consumes them with moderation. Someone who consumes these genetically modified foods on an everyday basis is almost absorbing nothing for their body, and in the process starving their body from vital vitamins and minerals. Which all lead to repercussions for their health and well-being down the line as stated above.

Heres a very informative video on GMO’s and Glyphosate









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